Student Profiles

Even Fossum
Class of 2018                                        
Where are they as of 2022? NTNU
What are they studying? Integrated Masters in Material Science
Career Path: Working with battery technologies and development
Favorite things about the IB: Theory of Knowledge, no Nynorsk or 3rd language requirement
Tips and advice for current and prospective students: Remember that it is a marathon, not a sprint! Check which courses you will need for the university study that you want to get into. Set yourself clear and achievable goals.

Mark Movh
Class of 2020 
Where are they now: Noroff University College, Kristiansand 
What are they studying: Data Science, 3rd Year
Career path: Good question. Although I'm in my last year, I'm still unsure of where to specialize in. Technically, I can work anywhere that data exists and needs to be managed/analyzed/used. Currently, despite still being a student I'm working on a project in E-commerce with several companies that need their data integrated and utilized. So maybe I'll end up somewhere in that area.
Favorite aspect of the IB: The social aspect, I had the opportunity to study with a lot of fun people.  On a real note, one of my favorite parts was when we had the electives or options during Chemistry. The topic a bunch of us chose wasn't taught by the teacher, so we got to self-study it. Throwing paper airplanes out of the windows to see who would go the farthest, drawing a (not so good) replica of the world map, drawing a nuclear reactor, playing random games, etc.
Then there are also the teachers. Once we got to know them, going to class was more enjoyable, like writing a math pun for Olav, one of the math teachers, every single Friday. He actually laughed at a lot of them and even sent one to his wife. The list goes on and on.
Top tip or piece of advice: Just because you struggled  in the first year, doesn't mean it's the end. Nor is it the end in the second year. To sacrifice some of my pride, I got a 2 in (SL) physics, and a 3 in (SL) math during my first mock exams, and I passed IB. You will be fine. Figure out a plan, do what works for you, and just try your best. IB is 2 years of the rest of your life. Enjoy yourself and make memories.

Ruvimbo Linda Mafuta
Year of graduation: 2021 
Where you are now: Newcastle upon Tyne, England. 
What are you studying or studied: Second year law student. 
Your career path: Lawyer (Human Rights or Environmental lawyer) 
Favorite aspect of the IB: CAS was my favourite aspect of the IB because it allowed us to come up with our own ideas and be free in what activities we wanted to do. It was never restrictive and if you did not enjoy something you could always stop that activity.
Top tip or piece of advice: 
(1) Everyone says this but do past papers and look at examples of what the IB is looking for so that you are not in the dark on how you are graded. 
(2) Ask your teachers for help or even the other students in the class. Help goes a long way.

Natalia Nordahl
Year of graduation: 2022
Where I am now: Kraków, Poland
What you are studying: Dentistry (DDS) 
Favorite aspect of the IB: Learning how to study and manage time efficiently, and meeting people with similar ambitions and mindsets as mine.
Top tip or piece of advice: Do not let grades define how smart you are. You can get 3s and 4s on every test but feel like you know everything about every topic in the syllabus. The way the exams are structured does not match everyone, and some people will feel like the way the questions are structured prevents them from showing how much they know. As long as you feel like you have learned a lot and continue to learn, then that is enough.