Preparing for the Diploma Programme

Still at ungdomsskole and already interested in the IB Diploma Programme?

Intake to the IB Diploma Programme at Arendal videregående skole is done from Vg1. Students applying to the Diploma Programme from an international school or a school abroad are usually 16-18 years old.

Some students know already at the end of their ungdomsskole that they are interested in the Diploma Programme. To give these students some preparation during their first year with us, we offer VG1 studiespesialisering med internasjonalisering. The international class follows the regular Vg1 programme, but students get some more exposure to English and focus on skills and knowledge that are particularly valuable for potential DP students.

There is a seperat code for this course on make sure you apply for the correct course.

The international class has a cooperation project involving student exchanges with a school in the Netherlands.

After the VG1 year, students in the international class may choose to apply to the IB or continue in the regular Norwegian programme. In the intake process to the Diploma Programme in Vg1, students in the international class and other candidates are evaluated on an equal basis.

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