Preparing for the IB Diploma Programme

The IB Diploma Programme is a two-year programme designed for students between the ages of 16-19. However, we do evaluate each candidate by their need and ability, leaving room for students who might be outside this age range. At Arendal Videregående Skole, we implement the IBDP in the second year (Vg2) and finish in the third year (Vg3). 

Students in year 10 who wish to choose the IBDP are encouraged to select “Vg1 studiespesialisering med internasjonalisering” when applying to Vg1. The international class follows the regular Vg1 programme, with the benefit of more exposure to English in the lessons and development of international mindedness. Be aware that there is a separate code for this course on It is not required that prospective IBDP students enroll in the internasjonalisering class. Applications to the DP are welcome from all Vg1 students. 
The international class regularly cooperates on a project involving student exchanges with a school in another European country. 

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