Entry requirements and application process

Love of learning is the most important characteristic of a successful IB student!

If you embrace challenge and are eager to understand the world around you, you are likely to have what it takes to do well in the Diploma Programme: 

Strong analytical skills

Ability to communicate well in both written and spoken English

Determination to work hard and consistently

Willingness to engage with your fellow students and the wider community

If your background is from the Norwegian school system, you apply to the Diploma Programme by March 1 of your first year of upper secondary school (Vg1, studiespesialiserende med internasjonalisering).  The application is done through the regular Vigo-system.

When we get the information that you’re interested in doing the Diploma Programme with us, we will send you an additional form, where we ask you to indicate your preliminary DP subject preference and write an application essay.

If you move to Norway from abroad, please contact the school’s DP Coordinator Haldor Berge.

Arendal videregående skole meets all DP candidates in the spring of their application for an interview. Students will be selected based on their most recent grades, the interview and the application essay. We take in about 25 students each year.


Further information:

Haldor Berge Tel. +47 37 00 02 34 / +47 95 48 97 66 
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