Diploma Programme subjects and activities

The IB Diploma Programme aims to be an education that balances breadth and Depth.

In the Diploma Programme, you study six subjects for two years. You choose one subject from each of the following groups:

Group 1, first language: Norwegian, English or other mother tongue

Group 2, second language: English, Norwegian, German, French, Spanish

Group 3, individuals and societies: History, Global Politics, ESS

Group 4, experimental sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, ESS

Group 5, mathematics: Mathematics, Mathematical Studies                                             + One subject from group 1 - 4


You additionally choose which three of your subjects you want to study at higher level (HL) and which three at standard level (SL). HL subjects have 5 lessons per week and SL subjects have 3 lessons per week

In addition, during your 2-year Diploma Programme, you:

Write a 4,000-word Extended Essay, a research essay, in a subject and on a topic of your choice

Engage in a course in Theory of Knowledge, a philosophy course, where you get to consider how we learn and what is the nature of knowledge in different disciplines

Participate in Creativity, Activity and Service –programme that gives you the opportunity to develop your artistic talents, do sports and engage in community service

At the end of the DP, exams are taken in all subjects. In addition to exams, internal assessment in each of the subjects counts towards your final grades.

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