Examples of CAS activities

"If you believe in something, you must not just think or talk or write, but must act." (Peterson, 2003)

As part of their Diploma Programme experience, IB students engage in arts, sports, community service and other non-academic activities. In IB jargon, they do CAS (Creativity, Action and Service). The intention with the CAS programme is to enhance the personal and interpersonal development of students through experiental, out-of-classroom learning.

During their CAS programme, students:

Increase their awareness of their own strengths and areas for growth.

Undertake new challenges.

Plan and initiate activities.

Work collaboratively with others.

Show perseverance and commitment in their activities.

Engage with issues of global importance.

Consider the ethical implications of their actions.

Develop new skills.

Students at Arendal vgs are engaged in a variety of  CAS activities both at the school and, importantly, in the local community:

Planning and arranging events for the European Day of Languages

Establishing and running a Red Cross international women’s group

Establishing and running an Amnesty International group

Developing a cultural exchange with students at a sister school in Tanzania

Tutoring younger students in different academic subjects

Doing theatre sports

Running a visual arts group

Taking part in outdoors weekend trips with Arendal og Oppland Turistforening

Coaching younger children in floorball  / football

Participating in ”West Side Story” dance performance at Arendal Kulturhus

Taking guitar / saxophone lessons at Arendal Kulturskolen

Engaging in Natur og Ungdom environmental work

Trying out extreme sports, such as rafting and mountain climbing

Below are some pictures showing the variety of activities CAS gives room for.


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